Career in Science

In Nepal, career in science has been an alternative to medical education. 12 Basic sciences like physics, chemistry and biology are limited in teaching and studying. There are many applied science degrees available in Nepal which have actually a very good scope. It’s not that much hard to find job. Although, getting a well-paid job is becoming harder. However, if you have some years of experience and impressive resume you can live a decent life. Agriculture, veterinary science, food tech, forestry, environmental science, fisheries are some of the applied sciences subjects in Nepal. Biotechnology is one of the best course for those who want to use science in real life to make money and to do some impactful research, but due to lack of industries and research organizations which could hire biotechnologist, this course is not a first choice for students in Nepal.


20When you join any technical colleges of Nepal, who are perplexed at first. You have a lots of questions in your mind about the scope of subject. Sometimes, you may feel depressed thinking about your future. This is important too. You must be well-prepared about your future. You should try to plan to have career goals. Today I would like you to ask if you have any dilemma, any queries on your mind regarding your career. I will try to answer your questions on the basis of my experience. If you have any questions about applying to universities in US then I would love to answer them. Also, if you are planning to develop your career in research field, we can discuss.
Anticipating your queries!



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