Common Online Tools and Softwares for Scientific Writing

We are in the age of information and technology. We can use many tools for writing articles too. I am trying to give you some online tools that are used currently. I will give the name of the tools and some related examples. If you like to use them then you can find some useful resources on their websites too.

  1.  Citing articles

Writing citation is painful sometimes. I will teach you the simplest way to cite articles.
Suppose you need to cite following article:


 Go to
 Search for this article using keywords : MRSA Dairy Nepal Joshi
 First few articles would be this article
 Then click on the cite button (this is below every search results) then it will create citation in different formats


Now you can easily copy these citations. Isn’t that easy?

 2. Mendeley

Mendeley is the software where you can keep collection of all the articles, pdf and other notes. Mendeley can be linked to MS-WORD. So, when you are writing anything on Ms-word you can directly import citation from Mendeley. Following is the user interface of the Mendeley.


You can see all the collections of articles along with the pdf files. You can keep notes on all pdfs. This makes writing scientific articles so easier. And it is free. I would recommend you to use this.

3. Plagiarism Checker :
Plagiarism is considered serious crime in academia. So, before submitting any articles or assignments you have to check for plagiarism. There are many plagiarism checker. I would recommend following:

Go to the website and copy paste or upload your document. You will find how much unique is your document.

Example: I am checking first part of my lecture here. As I have not copied this thing from anyone this should be unique.




Let’s check result:


It says 100% unique. That means I have not copied anything from any other source.

I will steal one from paragraph from others paper and then see what happens …



Result :


This means I have copied everything from others paper. Anyone can click on Plagiarized to get original source.

4. R Statistical programming
Whether you study science, commerce, law or anything this is the one which is useful for all. I don’t say you should learn this program but at least you should be familiar with R. Because R is the most widely used software for data analysis these days. If you want to do your masters and Phd at foreign universities you should compulsorily know to use R (in most colleges). So, what I suggest you to go and download R statistical program. It is free. And download Beginners guide to R. You can find many on the internet. And start playing with it whenever you get time. So, from next time if someone asks about R, don’t say that I haven’t even heard of it. Be familiar with it. I used to use R while I was at IAAS. Now you have a lots of resources available. So, you should also try to learn as much as possible. Don’t try kill yourself. Just learn some basic stuffs and be familiar with it now.

That’s all for today!




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