Communication Writing Skills

In my opinion, the possible reasons might be, 

  1. Having hard time to send an application,

  2. Unaware about email structure and communication skills,

  3. Negligence.

However, this does not give a good sense due to following reasons,

  1. Most probably looks like Spam email and recipient will not open it,

  2. Delayed in reading/ opening of your email,

  3. Email may be skipped without reading.

So how to overcome this situation, definitely, here we need email writing skills. Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations. Here I am discussing about component of email writing as tips.

How to write an email?

  1. Subject
    Should be brief and give clear clue to the content but not a complete sentence.
  2. Salutation
    Start your conversation - Dear Sir/ Madam
    Or first name of first- Dear XXXXX
    Or Last name with Mr./Ms./Dr. - Dear Mr. Banstola or simply Hello Mr. Banstola
  3. Opening statement
    Open with greeting or pleasantry statement On replying say- Thank you so much/ I received your message.
  4. Clarity and tone
    When reply is expected (please let me know) When you want to help- please/ kindly
  5. Paragraphs
    Main idea should be in separate paragraph, use complete sentence.
  6. Attachment
    It is better to attach word/ pdf/ jpg files as Attachment. Do not post picture in email content. If it is heavy/ bulky attachment or normally more than 2-3 MB, provide a link of those files than attachment directly. In this case, you can use dropbox, google drive, one drive, or any other features.
  7. Complementary closeRegards/ With regards/ Warm regards/ With love/ Thanks and regards then your name.You can also use your Signature after complementary close.
  8. Proof readingRead your email first before sending, once you sent it then you cannot get back. There is function of “UNDO” in google email service, which means, you can cancel your sending email but you have to do maximum within 30 seconds of time. To activate this function, go to your setting function of google email, under “General” you will see “Undo Send” and tick on Enable Undo Send, choose cancellation period: 05 or 10 or 30 seconds.
  9. Know your audienceBe careful, to whom you are sending an email. Know clear difference about To, Cc and Bcc. Also be careful about Reply, Reply to All and Forward options. If you are expecting a reply, please allow at least 24 hours. If you did not hear with in week, then you can send a reminder email. If it is very urgent, give a call to him/her after 24 hours.
  10. Accept your errorSometimes, you will not recognize there was errors on your email which you have sent already but now you realized it. So this is something what you need to correct, and it is always tricky. Do correction quickly, before receiving a reply from him/her.If you attach wrong file, and there needs to heavy correction on email content. Then send a new email than correcting the same one. At this time, you can use words like, updated/ corrected, etc.

Should avoid

  • Informal or slang words

Like, U for you, Don’t for Do not, plz for please, etc.

  • CAPS- keep limited.

  • Bulky attachment

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