Defining Youths

Who are the youths?

The World's biggest power is youth and beauty of a woman- Chanakya

Generally, there are 3 stages in Life; Childhood, Youth and Adult. However, there is no single definition to define these three stages of life that can satisfy all globally. It may vary with the country or programs and policies. Among all these stages of life, people in their youth stage seem relatively more fresh in appearance and vigor.

Oxford Dictionary has defined the period between childhood and adult is youths. It also spells: Youths are the people at the age of young.

Various national and international organizations have defined young people or youth stage differently. More interestingly, there is no consistency in governmental and non-governmental distinctions within their institutes as well.

United Nations Organizations usually refer the people between 15-24 years old are young in many of its statistics. However, some special projects have defined youths differently. Here is the attachment.


Similarly, the Government of Nepal recognizes its citizen through the certificate of citizenship on the basis of ACT (link attached herewith). S/He can request for the citizenship after s/he is at least 16 years (conditions may apply). According to that Act, before getting 16 years s/he is INFANT (नाबालक) or Child. Central Bureau of Statistics and other various governmental and non-governmental organizations have defined Economically Active Population for 15-59 years range. This age group shares about 57 percent share of total population in Nepal (National Population and Household Census, 2011). This range is signals for youths somehow.

please go with the following link for Citizenship Act (नेपाल नागरिकता ऐन, २०६३)…

Government of Nepal has defined youths differently for different programs under different ministries. Here are few examples;


  1. Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD) has targeted youths mentioning their age group between 18-50 years. See the links of some working guidelines below:
  2. However, Ministry of Finance refers persons between age of 21-45 years as young in the Youth Focused- Credit subsidy program guidelines.
  3. Ministry of Youth and Sports consider people between age of 16-40 as youth in their program. Moreover, these youths are divided into two categories as 1. 16-25 years (youths require capacity development, education, trainings, etc) and 2. 26-40 (focus on employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship development.

Last but not the least, whatever be the definitions for youths and young people, there is no doubt they are the most important mass of the people in any country who can drive the national economy.

All the best!
Santosh Adhikari
Ministry of Agricultural Development, Singhadurbar



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