Generic Checklist of Events

Hi Everyone!

Here is a timeline for your event activities that you need to carry on which will help you in identifying all details you will need to consider in your planning process.

Note: It is just an example of event that takes 4-6 months prior to event.

High Level Planning: 4-6 Months Ahead of Event *

  1. Establish event goals and objectives
  2. Select date
  3. Identify venue and negotiate details
  4. Develop Event Master Plan
  5. Get cost estimates (e.g., room rental, food & beverages, equipment, speaker fees, travel, etc.) and create a budget
  6. Recruit event committee, event manager or chair and establish sub-committee chairs
  7. Create and launch publicity plan & brand your event (ensure staff and/or volunteers are identified to manage specific tasks – e.g., media relations, VIP coordination, printed material design & printing coordination, signage, online /social media, etc.)
  8. Identify and confirm speakers/presenters/entertainers
  9. Identify and contact sponsors/partners

*start your planning as early as possible.

3-4 Months Ahead of Event

  1. Speaker/presenter/entertainer liaison: e.g.
    finalize presentation/speech topicsget bio information, phototravel & accommodation arrangementshave contracts signed if appropriate, etc.
  2. Financial/Administration: for example, determine:  Registration fees  Set up/enable online registration  Sponsor levels/amounts  Identify items to be underwritten and accounting tracking details
  3. Venue/logistics planning, e.g.: Investigate need for any special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.Determine and arrange all details re menu, A/V equipment, registration set-up, parking,signage, etc.Review security needs/plan for the event with venue manager
  4. Publicity: Follow publicity plan, e.g.,Develop draft programCreate draft event script (e.g., MC, speaker introductions, thanks, closing, etc.)Develop publicity pieces -- e.g., newsletter articles and/or ads, radio spots, print blogposts articles for submission to other publications and/or ads, etc.Request logos from corporate sponsors for online and printed materialsDevelop and produce invitations, programs, posters, tickets, etc.Develop media list & prepare News Release, Media Advisory, Backgrounder and allmedia kit materials (e.g., speaker info, photos, etc.)Create event page on your website. Enable/create email to event notification.Create a Facebook event pageDevelop a promo video and post on YouTube and your Facebook pageRegister your event on a variety of online event calendarsCreate some buzz on your blog or member forumsDetermine VIPs and create invitation & tracking document (e.g., spreadsheet)

2 months prior to event
1. Send reminders to contact list re registration/participation
2. Presenters/Speakers: e.g.:
 Confirm travel/accommodation details
 Request copy of speeches and/or presentations
3. Sponsorship: Follow up to confirm sponsorships and underwriting
4. Publicity:
 Release press announcements about keynote speakers, celebrities, VIPs attending,
honorees, etc.
 Post your initial event news release on your website and circulate to all partners,
affiliated organizations, etc.
1 week ahead 1. Have all committee chairs meet and confirm all details against Master Plan – and ensure back-up plans are developed for any situation (e.g., back-up volunteers as VIP greeters, additional volunteers for registration or set-up, etc.) 2. Finalize event script 3. Brief any/all hosts, greeters, volunteers about their event duties and timelines 4. Final seating plan, place cards, etc. 5. Provide final registration numbers to caterer 6. Make print and online copies of any speeches, videos, presentations, etc. 7. Final registration check, name badges & registration list 8. Determine photo op and interview opportunities with any presenters, VIPs etc. and confirm details with interviewee and media 1 day ahead 1. Confirm media attending 2. Ensure all signage is in place 3. Ensure registration and media tables are prepared and stocked with necessary items (e.g., blank name badges, paper, pens, tape, stapler, etc.) 4. Ensure all promo items, gifts, plaques, trophies, etc. are on-site



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