Social Media in Agriculture

Social media is the biggest revolution since the industrial revolution, incorporates the online technologies through which people communicate personal opinion, different swap perspectives and insights into world’s issues.

The old way of advertising or communication is no longer working like it used to. Social media is the number 1 activity on the web. The social media conversation is not controlled, not organized and not include physical boundaries. So the internet has turned what used to be controlled, one-way message in to a real time dialogue with millions.

Few examples of social media are social networking sites e.g., facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, wikis, myspace, etc. Websites are allowing to create a profile yourself, then chat, discuss, and share to ensure information with family and others. Like,

Wikis:To create, edit and share information about topic or object, with PDF. Wikipedia is one of the most popular wikis.

Video sharing:To upload and share your personal/ organizational videos to the web community. Perfect example of video sharing is YouTube.

Photo sharing:To upload pictures/ images to personal account which can be viewed by web users. Flickr is great example of photo sharing.

News aggregation: Provides list of latest news from different websites, for example, digg.

Social bookmarking: It allows publically bookmark pages where they found valuable in order to share with other internet users.

Presence apps: allows to post micro-blogging, eg, twitter.

Today, top 15 most popular social networking sites (January 2016) are 1.Facebook, 2.Twitter, 3.Linkedin, 4.Pinterest,5. Google+, 6. Tumblr, 7. Instagram, 8. VK, 9. Flickr, etc. With over 1 billion users on Facebook and 645 million on Twitter, isn’t it time you learned how to create and implement an effective social media strategy? Have look on picture message below,

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Social media is undergoing dramatic changes from share, size and power. People are addicted to check updates and emails before they sleep. Kids are growing in the age of social media. Young people are social media multi-stakeholders. Billions of people are connected using social media. How about you?

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