Dinesh Panday

Blogpost Writing Skills

For some people, writing comes natural. For the most, it comes with pain. I am recalling my past, when I started to write a blogpost- it was really hard for me to create any ideas or capability to generate new ideas.

However, I tried and wrote a featured story (means, if you are featuring or describing about someone’s activities) on FARMING MATTERS in 2011. Fortunately, I got space http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/magazines/global/youth-and-farming/l….

Youth Networking in Agriculture

Better Search Strategy

Honestly, to talk about youth opportunities and networks in agriculture, it is very subjective and vague topic. It depends upon- what are you looking and how can you benefitted from? Before start to proposed session, I would like to focus your attention on how to make a better Google Search (also applicable to other search engines).

Step 1: THINK about your search before you begin

Ask yourself, what do I want to do?

Communication Writing Skills

In my opinion, the possible reasons might be, 

  1. Having hard time to send an application,

  2. Unaware about email structure and communication skills,

  3. Negligence.

However, this does not give a good sense due to following reasons,

  1. Most probably looks like Spam email and recipient will not open it,

  2. Delayed in reading/ opening of your email,

  3. Email may be skipped without reading.


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