Lok Raj Joshi

Common Online Tools and Softwares for Scientific Writing

We are in the age of information and technology. We can use many tools for writing articles too. I am trying to give you some online tools that are used currently. I will give the name of the tools and some related examples. If you like to use them then you can find some useful resources on their websites too.

  1.  Citing articles

Writing citation is painful sometimes. I will teach you the simplest way to cite articles.
Suppose you need to cite following article:

Career in Science

In Nepal, career in science has been an alternative to medical education. 12 Basic sciences like physics, chemistry and biology are limited in teaching and studying. There are many applied science degrees available in Nepal which have actually a very good scope. It’s not that much hard to find job. Although, getting a well-paid job is becoming harder.


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