Think once! how much you are skilled

Most Important Event Management Skill Hi Everyone! How you doing? Without doubt, event co-ordination can be an extremely rewarding job. There is no better feeling than seeing a plan come together and knowing you played a key role in the flawless execution of an ambitious project. As rewarding as it is, it is also extremely stressful with the pressure cooker environment of events demanding cool heads that are resourceful in a number of key areas. When analyzing how to plan an event – I came up with some event management skills that are essential for the successful coordinating of an event. 1. Organization Take a look at an event co-coordinator’s desk and you will see heaps of files, post-it notes and coffee stains. They have very little time to sit down in their desk and keep them tidy. However, internally, they know where everything is, where everyone needs to be and what needs to be done. Problems occur when it comes to collaborating and sharing plans which is impossible when everything is in your head. “I know I left my keys somewhere.” 2. Composure under Pressure: You may claim yourself that you have prepared 100% for your event but also be sure that something surely will go wrong. But to be a good manager you have to be prepared for some disasters, you can’t see all problems and must accept the fact that something will happen that nobody has prepared for. More of skill and less of character trait, the ability to remain cool under a pressure is a quality that is essential when there are some disturbances. “Event manager should solution to every problem.” 3. Ability to Listen: Ability to listen and understand the needs of other for organizing projects in a diplomatic way is the core of manager when overlooking the qualities of good event coordinator. In most of the event coordinators some dictatorial traits are found which are detrimental to their ability to coordinate event. A good listener must ensure that other members in group get the better service and conflicts are minimized. “What is your opinion regarding this issue?” 4. Attention to detail: One simple truth applies to every event- the event always goes ahead. This gets often reducing of many portions as event gets closer. But, what makes many event coordinators disappointed that they keep attention to detail and their compulsion to make shortcuts even though they are unavoidable. They do know that little things matter to the participants. The lesser the cutting of unavoidable portion, higher the satisfaction to participants. Therefore, attention to every detail is extremely important for a good event coordinator or manager. “A little bit of this may be important.” 5. Imagination: Good coordinators should be imaginative and be along with the line of their vision. Good imagination allows them to understand what they need to coordinate everyone efficiently in a way that makes a creative vision come to life as it was imagined. “I need to think outside of the box.” The above mentioned characteristics play a huge role on accomplishment of your event. It seems that you need to be perfect to accomplish your event. But, let me remind you again that, “Something will go wrong anyhow” and it is “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.” Have a good day! Mentor: Ishwora Dhungana



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