What to Write and Where to Get Published

I really don’t know how to make this lecture interesting. I guess this should be one of my boring classes. So, I will try to make this as short as possible and will try to cover basic things at the same time. But, knowing what I am going to say today is important if you really want to get something published.

Sometimes we become overambitious. We start dreaming of publishing great paper without considering our capacity and ground reality. And we end up in the middle of nowhere.
I don’t want to be theoretical but I will have to. Bluntly, following are the most popular types of writing:

  1.  General
  2. Review Article
  3.  Research Article
  4. Short Communication
  5. Case Report

Based on your qualification I will explain what you could write:

General Article: This is the probably easiest form of writing as you don’t need it to be referenced. You don’t need primary data. You can use secondary data. You can publish these types of articles on newspapers, magazines and other local resources. You can write these articles on some contemporary issues. This would be best choice if you are in first or second year of your college when you don’t have any research data.

Review Article: This is basically you have to review and write what already have been discovered. This seems to be easy but writing a review article can be very arduous sometimes. Because you have to collect dozens of papers and read them critically and interpret and write in your own way. Dare to write review article you think you have good understanding of some subject matter. A good idea would be to use literature review of your thesis as a review article if you have already one.

Research Article: I don’t need to explain this, right? Because if you have already done some research, publishing would not be a great deal.

Short Communication / Case report: This would be ideal for someone you are at middle level of college. If you have some survey data and some small amount of data, you can publish them as short communication.
In conclusion, I would suggest to focus on writing general article and short communication if you don’t have much time to write a review article or don’t have research data. You don’t need to have research or review article by the time you complete your undergraduate. Because that is not the course requirement and no one actually expects that. If you manage to publish anyhow that’s great!!

Where to publish?
You can publish general articles to any newspaper, magazines, and online portals and even on your personal blog.

For other types of articles check : www.nepjol.info

There are number of journal having focus on different discipline. You can choose any one of them and submit your manuscripts. Be aware that they may charge you publication fees. Although some of them may waive your fee. So, you can just shoot an email asking for fee waiver. That does not hurt anyone!!

There are innumerable international journals too. Be aware that there are increasing number of proxy journals too. Check their authenticity. Check how many issues have they published before, quality of articles they are publishing, cross check EISSN number, where are those journals indexed, and most importantly check impact factor if they have ?

Okay, I think this was very concise. This might help you what you goanna write. Again how to write each one of them could be another long story which I cannot explain here now. So, I am stopping here!

Good Luck with your next writing!

Thanks !



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